Top 3 Honeymoon Destinations When You Are On A Budget

While it can be agreed upon that marriages are the ultimate celebration of love and eternal union, we also believe that they can be extremely stressful, tiresome and costly. A list of affordable luncheons that will allow you to reconnect with your partners and finely catch some moments of peace together is a romantic detox after your wedding.

Bali is a popular couple's honeymoon on all budgets. Accommodation in the resort style and stunning beaches with a very affordable price tag is within reach – or not.

Hotels and resorts are never ending in their choice. Bali has everything from simple beach huts to beautiful hotels and resorts, some of the most magnificent holiday villas in the world and stylish, designer hotels.

Whether you want only a few snapshots of Bali's honeymoon, if your wedding pictures have failed to work or you want photographs from Bali, Bali is a paradise for those who want to celebrate their love with photos. You can find a sweet array of food options in addition to your own unique and delicious cuisine. Bali has numerous restaurants for every taste - whether you're a meat lover, a seafood fan, a vegetarian, or even vegan.

There are even numerous variants of Indonesian cuisine available for your taste buds as well as Italian, French, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Indian, Brazilian, German, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Mediterranean. You can all find it in Bali from ultra-cheap, delicious street-side food stalls to Micheline star ratings.

You can't choose a more beautiful place to visit if you are looking forward to a honeymoon in an exciting, exotic place than Bali. Bali's natural beauty and colorful Bali culture are the first thing that made it famous. Furthermore, Bali offers its visitors many beautiful places and memorable experiences.

If you are looking for a honeymoon a little bit more exotic than the Caribbean, but you will want to add Thailand to your list with equal opportunities for tropical fun. There, greenery meets the beautiful sea, bordered by snow-white sand, with lively towns, old ruins and decorated Zen temples. In addition to the heaven-on-earth environment, the land of Southeast Asia is especially attractive for all those who want great food—Thai food is even more mouthwatering when eaten at the springs. You can find shockingly cheap flights to Bangkok at any time of the year (think just a few hundred Dollars round trip), you can spend more money on loads of Thai and Thai pad massages, or splurge your allowance on the 5-star hotel. A few destinations would make the ideal Thai honeymoon available. There are all-out mountains to the north and islands to the south which are worth exploring. The country is divided among Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia. And city folk could appreciate a couple of days in Bangkok in Bangkok, Asia's "city of angels" where the Banyan Tree Bangkok urban oasis gives shelter to you after shopping and gazing at the temple with its suites, spa and panoramic cityscapes.

A honeymoon will be epic on the Maldives, wherever you stay or what you do during the day. The Maldives have many different ways to fit the budget and style of each daytime holidaymaker. What's the first thing to come to mind when you hear the word Maldives? Bungalows with overwater! In the Maldives, a few nights in a bungalow is a must. In an overwater bungalow your honeymoon dreams come true. Breakfast in a bed overlooking the sea or looking down into the floor through the fish window. You can just jump from your balcony to the sea or you can choose your own private swimming-pool or ocean. When it is nearly perfect, there is no guarantee but plan on a honeymoon in the Maldives from November to April when the weather is nearly perfect. The highest prices will be in December and March. Consider the low season in the Maldives instead if you want to save some money. The Maldives has visas on arrival or visa-free for ALL nationalities for 30 days except for Indians which get 90 days without a visa and Bruneian residents which get 15 days. Just present your passport at immigration and you’ll get a free visa on arrival in the Maldives.

Bunaken Sea Park is rich in marine flora and fauna, located in the northern part of Sulawesi Island. The tourist density of the area has been increased with the sight of numerous exotic and endangered fish species in the clear water.

Seminyak, home to Indonesia's most magnificent cafes, is one of the country's most popular places and one of its most beautiful places to visit. Seminyak is one of Indonesia's tourist places that won't deceive you if you're interested in discovering the lush green ambience or interested in long conversations with local people.

The Dieng Plateau, tectonically built following an eruption, is a caldera nearly 2000 meters above sea level and is one of the best tourist places in Indonesia. One of the best places to visit in Indonesia is this marshy plateau, known as Dieng, which means God's residence. This is supposed to be Indonesia's most beautiful site to visit.