Best 20 Highest Paying Jobs in Turkey for 2022

Best 20 Highest Paying Jobs in Turkey for 2022

Whether you are a recent graduate or have worked in the business world for a long time and are seeking for one of Turkey's most well-established career paths, we have what you need. The top 20 highest-paying positions in Turkey for 2022 are listed below.

1. Doctors/ Surgeons

Doctors and surgeons are among the highest paid professionals in Turkey due to the crucial nature of their work. This professional path entails a lengthy learning curve and a high amount of risk, which necessitates a high level of expertise and knowledge, for which they are well compensated. A doctor or surgeon's salary ranges from 16,400 TRY to 53,500 TRY on average, based on experience and area of specialization.

2. Judges

Their large salaries are justified by the enormous responsibility they bear. Their job frequently entails choosing people's fate, and as a result, they are among Turkey's highest paid individuals. You can earn anywhere from 13,700 TRY to 45,000 TRY each month as a judge.

3. Lawyers

Lawyers, like judges, are among Turkey's highest-paid professionals. Not only can a good lawyer make your organization a lot of money, but he or she may also keep you out of jail. It is not only because of the type of work they do that they are paid much, but also because of the perceived value they have in the eyes of their clients.

4. Chief Financial Officers

You are in charge of the finances of the company. Budgets, expenditures, costs, and revenue are all under your control. Typically, these are some of the factors that have a direct impact on a company's operations. You are well compensated because of the line of employment you are involved in. You can earn anything from 9,160 TRY to 30, 000 TRY each month. That's fantastic, Monet, and it'll ensure you live a much happier life.

5. Bank Managers

Managing hundreds of millions of dollars, not to mention all of the hazards that come with the job, makes this a well-paid career. Bank managers in Turkey are among the highest paid, with monthly salaries ranging from 10,500 TRY to 34,300 TRY.

6. Pilots

Without a doubt, this is one of the jobs on the list that provides some level of enjoyment and thrill. However, because pilots are in charge of people's lives, they must go through certain rigorous training programs before becoming one. This explains why Turkish pilots are paid so well every other month. A pilot can pocket anywhere between 6,550 and 21,400 TRY per month. You earn well while at the same time doing one of the most thrilling job in the world.

7. College Professors

It takes a lot of effort to become a full professor, which explains why they are compensated so well. They are the country's highest earners; a college professor can make anything from 7,850 to 25,700 TRY per year.

8. Marketing Directors

You are responsible for increasing income for your company, and you are well compensated for your efforts. It's common for you to be in charge of a team of the company's marketers. You're in charge of selling the company's brand as well as new products. This position necessitates dedication and competence and sharp marketing skills, for which you will be compensated handsomely. A marketing director's monthly pay ranges from 5,890 TRY to 19,300 TRY. We haven't even mentioned the massive bonuses you can get if you fulfill your goals as the head of the departmnet

9. Chief Executive Officers

You are the focal point of your firm as the CEO. You are directly responsible for the company's day to day operations, success and failure, as well. The large monthly income you receive is a clear reflection of the job's enormous scope of influence and risk. CEOs of various companies in Turkey are among the happiest since they earn significantly more. A CEO can earn anything from 9,820 TRY to 32,100 TRY on average. You are also entitled to some of the best bonuses and perk should you perform well as the CEO. It cannot get better than that.

10. IT Manager

You are responsible for protecting and securing your company's IT infrastructure and networks as an IT manager. Typically, you are involved in all of it as a result of things like hackers and malware. You are well compensated due to the large scope of your work and the amount of time it can take to solve some of these issues in the IT department. You can earn anything from 6,500 to 18,400 TRY every month.

11. Orthodontists

Orthodontists will not be overlooked when discussing the highest-paying careers in Turnkey because their monthly pay is right at the top of the list. People are interested in their services and are willing to pay a higher price for any service offered. An orthodontist can expect to earn between 8,840 TRY and 28,900 TRY per month on average. That is one good pay.

12. Human Resources Director

HR is a department that was disregarded a few years ago, but it has not converted from a department to one of the most important focal points for any firm. They are involved in everything from employee recruitment to termination. You'll be smiling all the way to the bank if you get a position as the director in charge of this one department. You are generously compensated, with monthly earnings ranging from 9,000 TRY to 20,000 TRY.

13. Engineers

The road to becoming a fully certified engineer is never easy. It necessitates a rigorous training program as well as time. Fortunately, you are highly compensated for your efforts at the end of each month. Engineers, like doctors, are quickly becoming some of Turkey's most in-demand professionals. A recent college graduate can make good money, and as your career progresses, you may be promoted to lead engineer. The best aspect is that you will be well compensated, since lead engineers can make anywhere from 8,950 TRY to 18,000 TRY each month.

14. Head of Procurement

Your job entails overseeing the purchase of your company. In any case, after consulting with the finance and logistics departments, you are responsible for developing purchase plans. This role as head of procurement necessitates a set of abilities. We're talking about exceptional project management skills and negotiation skills. You earn a lot of money each year because of the nature of your employment. In Turkey, a head of procurement in any firm can earn roughly 7,500 TRY per month, with the possibility of earning up to 15,000 TRY per month depending on your expertise and the organization you work for.

15. Software Engineer

Software engineers are quickly becoming some of the happiest people in the industry, thanks to the increased demand for software to manage large corporations. A trend that has resulted in high salaries. They are generously compensated. So, if you've been debating which job path to pursue and you're interested in computers and software, this is the path you should do next. You can earn up to 100,000 TRY every year if you work hard enough.

16. Investment Bankers

People and businesses alike are looking for outstanding ideas on how to best invest their money and increase their earnings as the business world becomes increasingly unstable. This is where your investment banking expertise will be useful. As a result, investment bankers are among the highest-paid professionals in Turkey. You can make anywhere between 7,750 and 18,000 TRY per month.

17. Construction Director

With the country's construction industry booming, personnel with the ability to lead some of these projects are in high demand. They are involved in the planning of construction projects until they are handed over to the client. In fact, they are quickly becoming some of Turkey's highest-paid employees. Depending on the complexity of the project, a construction director can earn anywhere from 7,000 to 16,000 TRY each month.

18. Lead Scientist

Organizing, conducting, and interpreting experiments are all part of your job here. We understand that this may appear to be a simple process, but it is not. Because of the nature of your work as a scientist, you are needed in a variety of fields, including the energy sector, healthcare, and agriculture, to name a few. As a scientist, you are well compensated, and you can earn up to 15,000 TRY each month on any given month.

19. Actuaries

As Turkey's insurance industry expands, so does the demand for actuaries. Actuarial job is difficult. It entails gathering a large amount of data and doing a detailed risk assessment based on that data. You might earn anywhere from 5,550 TRY to 17,000 TRY per month working in this position.

20. Head of Compliance

For what is the same in and around the world is the same in Turkey; the corporate world is governed by laws and regulations. As a result, compliance directors in organizations and businesses are becoming some of the most in-demand professionals. In brief, you are adequately compensated at the end of the month owing to the extent of your labor. A compliance director can earn between 6,550 and 17,550 TRY per month.