Dubai Expo 2020

Dubai Expo 2020 Tickets Online Booking

What Expo is

Expo denotes the world’s fair where nations all over the world demonstrate new technologies, products, ideas, cultures and customs. Expos work as platforms for greater and effective cooperation among nations to resolve common global problems throughout the world. Expos are the ways to discover the world in one place. Expos are organized for making a multicultural community for a period, learning and cooperating with other nations, and growing richer together. All the countries participate in those expos for upholding their cultures, introducing new technologies, promoting products, making a strong tie with others, and above all solving issues worldwide. The intergovernmental organization for the supervision of international exhibitions, the International Bureau of Expositions (BIE), headquartered in Paris, makes countries hosts for the world expo from time to time. The expo, which lasts for six months, got popular around the globe over time.

Dubai Expo 2020 - Connecting Minds, Creating The Future

Dubai Expo is one of the largest and most popular world fairs now. Dubai is hosting the expo keeping, “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future '' as the theme. The International Bureau of Expositions (BIE) made the United Arab Emirates (UAE) the host back in 2013 to organize the world expo in 2020, so the expo was named Dubai Expo 2020. Though the expo was supposed to be held in 2020, it was postponed because of the Covid-19 pandemic situation. Now, when the world is on the move, getting fully vaccinated and recovering from the deadly Covid-19, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is organizing the delayed Dubai Expo 2020 in its capital city (Dubai) though the time span is between 2021 and 2022. The duration of the expo is for six months, which lasts from October 01, 2021 to March 31, 2022. The underlying aim of the expo is making relations stronger among countries, thus, solving out world problems, and ultimately growing together.

Dubai Expo Location and Duration

The Dubai Expo 2020 venue is in the world-famous city, Dubai, which is the capital city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The exact Dubai Expo location is Dubai Exhibition Centre, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The expo site covers an area of 438-hectare or 1083 acres. The expo launches on 1st October 2021 and ends on 31st March 2022. The duration of the Dubai Expo is for six months. In number of days, the Dubai Expo duration is 182 days. The visitors can visit the expo seven days a week. The expo starts at 10:00 and ends up at 00:00 on Saturday to Wednesday, and on Thursday and Friday, it starts at 10:00 that lasts till 02:00.

Why Dubai Expo 2020

Dubai Expo 2020 is the most colorful one in the 168-year history of the World Expo since its establishment. You cannot imagine the arrangement of the Dubai Expo 2020 until you visit it because:

Dubai Expo Entry Requirements

Find Dubai Expo Entry Requirements below:

NB: You can also take a PCR test free of charge at the DHA Expo 2020 PCR Testing Facility if you are 18 years or above and not vaccinated yet. You have to take the PCR test at least 1 day prior to your visit to the expo. You will not be given access to the expo without a negative PCR certificate. For more information call at +880 9678 742 742, +880 1613 33 66 62 (WhatsApp), or visit

Dubai Expo 2020 Tickets Online Booking

Find Dubai Expo 2020 ticket prices with packages and features in the table below.

Tickey Type Features Price Action
1-DAY Ticket
  • Understand your favorite countries, experience new cuisines, and discover the world in a single entry.
  • 10 Smart Queue Bookings that allow you to participate in pavilions and attractions without hassle.
USD 27.43 For adults (18-59 years) Book tickets now
Multi-Day Pass
  • 25% off Multi-Day Pass for the payment with Mastercard.
  • Unlimited entry during 30 consecutive days from 1st day of use.
  • 10 Smart Queue Bookings that allow you to participate in pavilions and attractions without hassle.
USD 56.30 For adults (18-59 years) Book tickets now
Season Pass
  • Unlimited entries for the full season of the expo.
  • 10 Smart Queue Bookings per day.
USD 142.91 For adults (18-59 years) Book tickets now
Premium Experience
  • Unlimited entries for the full season of the expo.
  • Dedicated concierge and guided tours.
  • 5 entries to the Premium Lounge.
  • Priority access to select business events.
  • Access to the Expo B2B App.
  • Discounts on food and beverage.
USD 505.23 For adults (18-59 years) Book tickets now
Family Package
  • 2 Season Passes for adults (18-59 years).
  • Unlimited entries for the full six months.
  • 1 free Season Pass for a Nanny (assistant) for the full six months.
  • Photography voucher valued at AED 125 for 2 8X10 prints in a leather folder.
  • 25% discount on 5 Multi-Day Passes which are valid for unlimited entries for 30 consecutive days from the first day of use.
  • Discounts on food and beverage at selected outlets when dining with family.
  • 10 Smart Queue Bookings (per day) that allow you to participate in pavilions and attractions without hassle.
USD 274.27 Book tickets now
Jubilee Experience
  • Jubilee Experience is valued at AED 22,000.00.
  • 4 Season Passes for adults (18-59 years).
  • 30 Multi-Day Passes and 10 1-Day Tickets which are valid for a full six months.
  • Fast-Track entry facility for the members, including 5 guests on every visit.
  • Exclusive Jubilee Member’s Season Pass Card.
  • 10 Smart Queue Bookings that allow you to participate in pavilions and attractions without hassle for 1-Day Tickets.
  • 2 Expo Passports and 2 24-carat gold plated Expo Jubilee pins.
  • Jubilee Lounge Exclusive Access by Emaar.
  • 5 vouchers for the entry to the Garden in the Sky, the rotating observation tower.
  • Dedicated VIP parking and 10 valet parking vouchers.
  • Priority access to events.
  • 10 guided tours vouchers.
  • 6 photography vouchers.
  • Amazing food and beverage discounts at premium outlets and dedicated concierge support
USD 2,887 Book tickets now

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