Best 20 Highest Paying Jobs in Singapore

Top 20 Highest Paid Jobs and Salaries in Singapore for 2022

It is true when choosing on a professional path, first before anything else, one of the most important factors you have to consider is the job's compensation. Who wouldn’t want to be paid well? We all want a high-paying job, just like everyone else. However, many high-paying jobs frequently necessitate additional experience and, in some cases, specialized expertise. Not in any order, in this post, we'll take a look at the top 20 highest-paying jobs in Singapore for the year 2022. They are thrilling and will ensure that you have a comfortable life because they pay handsomely.

1. Specialist Medical Practitioner

If the idea of working as a doctor and earning a good living appeals to you, you should consider this career option. Normally, working as a specialist medical practitioner can get between $221,560 and $258,487 per year. It is because of your qualifications, competence, and understanding that you are able to earn such a lucrative wage in this very industry. Although the training is both rigorous and draining, years of hard work and sacrifice will undoubtedly pay off in the end.

2. General Practitioner/Physician

Another professional path that is both fascinating and gratifying you could take today. To fulfill the demand for this high-level competence which is projected to shot in the coming years, Singapore has focused greater attention and resources in recent years on the training of good general practitioners. They're looking for health experts who can bring help and care closer to the people. This explains why general practitioners in Singapore are highly compensated. It is clear that it is one of the most rewarding occupations in the country, with a typical gross compensation of $17,119 per month

3. In-House Lawyer

Isn't it true that what is true everywhere is also true in Singapore? In-house legal counsel is one of the most in-demand services today. In Singapore, working as an in-house lawyer might earn roughly $14,300 per month. The journey to becoming a lawyer is demanding and lengthy. Fortunately, given the amount of money you could make, we believe it is worthwhile..

4. Foreign Exchange Dealer/Broker

It is in the public domain, Singapore has a sizable foreign exchange reserve, which plays an important role in the country's economy. Foreign exchange brokers are in high demand, and this industry is quickly becoming one of Singapore's highest-paying industries. Your day-to-day activities as a foreign exchange broker include purchasing and selling foreign currency currencies. You might earn up to $13,000, or even more per month here. It is unquestionably rewarding.

5. Financial and Insurance Service Manager

Another fascinating and well-paying job you could get involved in today. Insurance companies and banks pay these professionals. You must be exceedingly rational and impartial in order to empower CEOs and top level management to make key financial decisions. You will be frequently asked to explain all of the advantages and disadvantages of any decision that the management must make. You can earn roughly $81,238 per year in this field.

6. Chief Operating Officer

Under the direction of the Chief Executive Officer, as a COO, you are the second in command. Your job comprises overseeing the day-to-day operations of the organization. The highest-paid COO earns roughly $27,855 per month, while the lowest-paid earns around $12,248 per month. Based on those figures, we may conclude that they are fairly compensated.

7. Human Resource Director

HR department has progressed beyond simply offering a service to partnering with businesses and organizations. People are gradually appreciating the importance of good human resource in any firm. In Singapore, as a HR head, you can earn anywhere from $177,248 to $228946 based on your industry and the firm you work for.

8. Head of IT

If this is the type of work you enjoy, seize the opportunity to do what you enjoy while still getting paid well for it. Head of IT is the company’s bloodline. You oversee a wide spectrum of IT management strategies and ensure everything within runs smoothly. Typically, you work entails maintaining the security, accessibility and functionality on all the computes resources. We are talking about computer hardware, networking equipment, web applications, data storage infrastructure among others. Average salary for an IT head is $11,071 per month. Impressive, isn’t?

9. Risk Analyst

Perfect analytical ability and a sharp eye for detail are required here. As a risk analyst, you keep track of internal, eternal, and emerging hazards that affect all parts of a business. The yearly compensation in this sector can reach $100,000 or even a little bit higher in other industries due to hard work and the important function you frequently perform as a risk analyst.

10. General Manager

As a general manager you are the organization's face and you play one of the most important jobs in any company. On any given day, your job requires overseeing nearly every activity within your company. You serve as the organization's director. A general manager in Singapore can earn anywhere from $184,634 and $221.560 per year, depending on the business.

11. Securities and Finance Broker

Singapore is the world's business center and is expected to remain that way for years to come; because of this trend, securities and finance brokers are quickly becoming one of the highest-paying jobs in the country. In exchange for selling stocks and bonds on behalf of customers, a broker can earn up to $10,608 every month.

12. Research and Development Director

Singapore is one of the world's fastest growing countries; healthcare, technology, and engineering are all rapidly growing industries. Research & development in any of the aforementioned industries can bring in a lot of money. So, if you get the chance to work in research and development in any of the areas, you may expect to earn $192,019 every year.

13. Head of Sales

The income generated by a company is directly related to or influenced by the sales department of any firm. As a result, working in this field will see you well compensated. The sales director may expect to take home roughly $310,105. Junior personnel in this field are likewise well compensated, with numerous bonuses available if they do well.

14. University Lecturer

A university professor earns an average of $12,961 a month. You must progress through the ranks of assistant professor, associate professor, and full professor; which, given the amount of money you'll be earning, isn't such a horrible idea. The best part, you will be doing very little teaching here. Your day-to-day responsibilities include conducting research, giving presentations at conferences, and authoring journals.

15. Investment Banking Director

There is a lot of money swimming around in the investment banking world. The wages you will be paid to work in the industry has reflected this. You can expect to make a lot of money if you work as a director. In Singapore, a director of investment banking may earn up to $276,951 per year on average.

16. Marine Superintendent Engineer

A few years after graduating from college, you could be well on your way to earning a good living. A Marine Superintendent Engineer is undoubtedly one of Singapore's highest-paid engineers. Each month, you can earn around $10,464 dollars. The best aspect is that you can start as a junior marine engineer and advance to Marine Superintendent Engineer in four to five years.

17. Head of Compliance

You could be able to get a job as head of compliance if you have extensive understanding of compliance standards in Singapore, adjacent counties, and the region. This job is becoming increasingly important, particularly for large industries and businesses. You'll be well compensated for your efforts, as you might make up to $258,487 every year. That is unquestionably good money.

18. Chief Technology Officer

A chief technology officer, or CTO, is in charge of coming up with and creating new ideas that can help a company expand externally. They frequently concentrate on the creation of products and services. They are frequently well compensated due to their in-demand expertise. A chief technology officer in Singapore can earn roughly $11,179 each month, which equates to $137,148 per year.

19. Trade and Ship Broker

Here, you frequently serve as a link or an intermediary between people with cargo and those looking for ships to transport their cargo. In addition, you buy and sell ships on behalf of your clients. You can make roughly $13,143 per month on average. In fact, it is quickly becoming one of Singapore's most rewarding professions.

20 Treasury Manager

You are in charge of a company's financial assets. You are responsible for monitoring the company's liquidity, finances, and risk management. In other words, you make sure the company stays afloat financially. If this is the type of work you want to pursue, a treasury manager in Singapore might earn up to $88,624 per year.

21. Digital Transformation Specialist

In today's environment, if you want to compete with anyone, you must embrace technology as a business. It is because of this that digital transformation is no longer shunned or scorned. Because as a digital transformation specialist you can add so much value to a company, you can make up to $221,560 in Singapore.

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