8 of The Top Rated Tourist Destinations In New York City

The Statue of Liberty :

The Statue of Liberty is the most emblematic sight in America, and the top of every visitor's list of New York City's first things. France was America's gift. Built in 1886, it is a symbol of liberty in the world and one of America's top attractions. It is one of the largest in the world, only below 152 feet tall and about 450,000 pounds weights from the base to the torch. You can see the statue from the ground on the southern tip of Manhattan, with particular views from Battery Park. But the best thing is to make a short boat trip to Liberty Island and see it in detail to really enjoy the Statue of Liberty. You can go around the base, on the pedestal or go right up to the crown with advance reservations.

Central Park :

A walk, a peddle or a car is a must-do on any New York City route along the paths of Central Park. You can even lace up and glide over the Wollman Rink in the winter. One of the things that makes New York so beautiful and livable is a huge park in the city centre, a half-mile wide 2.5 miles. Aside from being a fantastic place to experience a small amount of nature, Central Park has a number of attractions within its borders. The Belvedere castle, Strawberry Fields, the Central Park zoo, and the lake are some of the most popular places to visit. Start by selecting a map at a visitor center and track your route if you explore the park by yourself.

The Met - Famous Museums in the United States :

It was founded in 1870 and is one of the most famous museums in the United States. The Metropolitan Museum of Art or Met as is commonly known. The permanent collection of The Met includes over two million artworks spanning 5,000 years. The Met Fifth Avenue is the focus though the museum has three sites. The collection's highlights include American decorative arts, arms and armors, costumes, Egyptian art, instruments of music, photographs and more.

Empire State Building :

The Empire State Building is one of the most important tourist attractions and landmarks in New York. The building was the highest building in the world, with 102 storeys measuring 381 meters, until 41 years later the 1 World Trade Centre. The Empire State Building became a landmark and symbol for NYC when it opened in 1931, with its mooring mast for airships. In 1931, it opened. Actually, the Empire State Building has two observatories, but both offer stunning views. On clear days, the surrounding states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Massachusetts can be visited for up to 80 miles.

Times Square :

Times Square is the venue to go to New York in the evening with big, brightly lit panels and screens, but still exciting every time of the day. This is the square and the surrounding streets where people are filled with the famous "ball drop" and New York Spring Celebrations. Times Square is busy and crowded forever, but has its own unique attraction. Bleachers at one end are a good place to pause and to enjoy the scene.

Brooklyn Bridge :

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most distinguished landmarks in the city, with its gothic arches and suspension wires and has inspired poets, songwriters and painters. It was completed in 1883 and was the world's first steel suspension bridge, covering the East River from Manhattan to Brooklyn. You can find it from many ferries or on the east side of Manhattan. However, one hour walking along the Brooklyn Bridge is the best way to experience this icon. Over traffic lanes, a wood-plank pathway open only to footpaths and cyclists. If you are not ready to go all the way, go at least to the first pillar.

Grand Central Terminal :

Grand Central Terminal is a fantastic Beaux Arts building, often referred to as Grand Central Station and certainly worth visiting to look into this famous sight. The building was initially built in 1913 as a metro and train station terminal. Outside, some of the key highlights are the 42nd Street faces and the statuary on the top. Inside, the Grand Staircase you can't miss, where you can stop and watch the competition. A celestial scenario is shown in this beautifully restored ceiling. A wide range of retail stores and restaurants can be found inside.

The St. Patrick's Cathedral :

The St. Patrick's Cathedral, with its huge bronze doors, white marble facade, 330-foot spires, the rose organ, bronze baldachin, 2,400 sleeveless, the statue of Pieta on one of the side of the Lady's chapel, is among the most beautiful examples of New York City's Gothic Revival. The cathedral is a major destination for believers and tourists alike with millions of visitors annually. The building was built in 1879 and carefully rebuilt and maintained throughout its lifetime. The renovation, completed in 2016, was $200 million.


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