5 Interesting Facts About Sydney You Probably Didn't Know

Visitors are drawn back and forth by Sydney's vibrant dining stage, the gold sand and robust cultural venues. This is a constantly changing city with the emergence of new rooftop bars, theater shows and designer shops. Moreover, Sydney is the ideal base for day trips and weekends, with its diverse destinations at its doorstep.

Bondi Tamarama:

There is no water adventure here with more than 100 beaches in and around the city. You will be spoiled by the Bondi-Tamarama stretch as it transforms into the world's largest open-air sculpture gallery. Tempo your visit with an annual Sculpture by the Sea festival. Try your hand at surfing, diving, kayaking, stand-up paddle-boarding, or a jet-boat ride. You can even head to Manly's Sea Life Sanctuary for shark diving.

The Opera House:

The Opera House was constructed in the 50s by a Danish architect called Jorn Utzon, who won the competition to take the iconic design into the best shape. Today, a tour of guided art shows how Utzon has never returned to Sydney to complete his masterpiece for 14 years from design to finish. Ironically, today there is no trip to Sydney without visiting 'one of the most characteristic buildings of the 20th century.'

Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG):

Here was Tendulkar, Dhoni, Kohli and other legends of cricket. More than its fair share has been seen in Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG). Register for a tour and you will be taken to the stadium behind the scenes. Look for the initials of your favorite cricketer carved into wooden desks or cupboards of the dressing room. It's as close as you can to him before you meet him.

Blue Mountains:

Eucalyptus trees exhale a fine blue mist, colouring the peaks of Blue Mountains, one and a half an hour and a half by way from Sydney. They are full of aboriginal legends as well. In the mountains you can find several walking paths along which you can find ancient authentic sculptures on the rocks. The beauty of nature is like art: a cloud of nebulae as you cross small streams, shrubs looking under the stones and large trees standing on top of peaks. Too good it appears to be true. It's on the edge of Sydney, however.

Sydney Harbour Bridge:

Lastly, we cannot talk about Sydney without the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The Sydney Harbor Bridge is the world's largest and highest steel arch bridge. It was built in the 1930's, no small feat! The bridge is now divided into eight lanes, two tracks, a footpath and a bike path, and a set of stairs toward the center of the arch. At the top you will find no sound except for the howling of the wind, and the panorama of one of the world's most beautiful cities is 360 degrees.