Dhaka to Chittagong Air Ticket Price and Flight Schedules

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US Bangla Airlines Dhaka to Chittagong Ticket Price:

US Bangla Airlines offers their ticket prices in six different deals; you can choose from the prices whichever seems the most fitting to your needs!

Limited Offer: BDT 3599
Promotional Economy: BDT 3999
Discount Economy: BDT 4700
Restricted Economy: BDT 5700
Regular Economy: BDT 7100
Business Class: BDT 9200

Dhaka to Chittagong Biman Bangladesh Airlines Ticket Price:

Bangladesh Biman offers their ticket prices in six different deals; you can choose from the prices whichever seems the most fitting to your needs!

Special Saver: BDT 3200
Super Saver: BDT 3500
Economy Saver: BDT 4500
Economy Flexible: BDT 5500
Business Saver: BDT 6100
Business Flexible: BDT 6500

Novoair Ticket Price Dhaka to Chittagong:

Novoair offers their ticket prices in six different deals; you can choose from the prices whichever seems the most fitting to your needs!

Special Promo: BDT 3600
Promo: BDT 4000
Special: BDT 5000
Discount: BDT 6000
Saver: BDT 7000
Flexible: BDT 7800

Dhaka to Chittagong Flight Schedule:

You can go through Buy Air Ticket for your desired flight schedule and more information:
Biman Bangladesh Airlines
US-Bangla Airlines

Online ticket Booking

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Information about your Dhaka to Chittagong flight

On average, there are 12 flights per day between CGP and DAC. Departure times range from 8:00 a.m. to 10:55 p.m. Early departures are at 8:00 a.m., and late departures are at 8:55 p.m. However, this will depend on when you are flying, so please refer to the full flight schedule above to determine which departure times are available on your preferred travel dates. In addition to flying in Economy Class, you can also pass in Business Class. First Class and Premium Economy are not available on this route (at least not nonstop). From Chittagong to Dhaka, the fastest direct flight takes 55 minutes. There are 142 miles (or 229 km) between Chittagong and Dhaka by plane. Another fun fact about your next flight to Chittagong is Buy Air Ticket helps you manage your every trip no matter where, no matter when! All you have to do is, go to BuyAirTicket.com and book tickets for your next adventure at your preferred time from Buy Air Tickets, and relax!
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The journey from Dhaka to Chittagong:

Chittagong City might just feel like home no matter where you’re from; infact, travellers from Dhaka have often feel for the City of Port once they got to know it’s mermeric beauty! Chittagong hosts thousands of visitors every year, both for business and pleasure. When you use Buy Air Ticket to make your travel arrangements, you can easily plan a trip from Dhaka to Chittagong. Booking flights and hotel rooms is easy and quick with Buy Air Ticket. Search for available flights and hotel rooms and then book quickly and easily online.

 Travels You'll Never Forget:

 Wheteher it’s the long drive you take on Chittagong highway or the culture, you’re bound to love Chittagong! What makes your experience even better? Yes, a bit of research. Buy Air Ticket to research city attractions before you arrive in Chittagong when traveling from Dhaka to Chittagong. A preview of what's available at your destination can help you make any reservations in advance to make your trip as enjoyable as possible.

Dhaka to  Chittagong FAQ:

There are many questions in the mind of an individual who needs to buy an air ticket. We attempt to answer those questions in this article.

Q: What is the Address for Issuing Air Tickets?

Ans: Airline offices and travel agencies can issue tickets easily, For Help you can call:+880 1613 33 66 62

Q:Can I pack food?

Ans: Yes, but do make sure it is properly packed.

Q: Is it more convenient to purchase an airline ticket through an airline office or through a travel agency?

Ans: In our opinion, a travel agency might be more convenient. Airlines have a limited number of offices, while travel agencies have a multitude. A travel agency can be found anywhere a traveler goes.

Q: What is the process for issuing an air ticket?

Ans: Travelers can obtain their air tickets in two ways: either through an airline's office or travel agency, or online via the airline's website.

Q: Is it possible to check airline ticket fares online?

Ans: Travelers can easily compare all airline ticket prices from an online travel agency, like Buy Air Ticket, and choose the best cheap airfare deal for them.