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Flight Consolidator in Asia

Travel Agency in Dhaka

Travel Agency in Dhaka

Flight consolidators work as brokers to book airline seats in bulk at discounted prices and resell them to other travel agencies. The consolidators play a great role in the air ticket distribution system. There are a good number of flight consolidators in Asia. They are selling wholesale air tickets online. They mainly work with unpublished air tickets (bulk air tickets prices not yet fixed). Other third-party travel agents who don’t have GDS and airline API integration can take those unpublished tickets from the consolidators at discounted prices that are 30% to 70% lower than advertised fares (fares mentioned on online portals). The third-party agencies can also take published or advertised fares from the consolidators if they buy air tickets in less quantity. The consolidators also offer wholesale prices for the advertised tickets. Buy Air Ticket is such a flight consolidator in Asia.

Best Airline Consolidator for Travel Agents

Buy Air Ticket Ltd. (BATL) is an IATA accredited travel agency in Bangladesh, that integrates all major GDS APIs and airline’s APIs into its online portal and provides bulk air tickets to other travel agencies. The agency is the Best Airline Consolidator for Travel Agents for many reasons.

👉 As the company integrates all major GDS APIs and airlines APIs, other agencies can compare similar alternatives and pick the best deals.

👉 Most of the airlines partnered with this consolidator, as a result, the company has a wide range of airline ticket coverage.

👉 BATL gives 30% to 70% discounts on bulk air ticket sales. Whatever the percentage is, it is the highest in the industry.

👉 It passes air tickets on net fares to third-party travel agencies, hence they can make a good profit margin on their sales.

👉 This consolidator sells tickets with low markups (profits), but still, it provides at lower prices than the prices offered by the airlines.

Wholesale Airfare Consolidator

Buy Air Ticket Ltd. is the largest airline consolidator that also works as a wholesale airfare consolidator. The company can provide wholesale airfare because it has API access to most airlines in the South Asian Region. This is the reason why it is a full-fledged airline consolidator for travel agents. The company is not merely an international airline consolidator, rather it is the best international flight consolidator for the facilities it provides. This is the best because it works as:

✅ Largest Airline Consolidator

✅ International Air Consolidator

✅ Airline Consolidator for Travel Agent

✅ Flight Ticket Consolidator in Bangladesh

✅ Business Flight Consolidator

✅ Cheap Flight Consolidator

✅ Best International Flight Consolidator

Benefits This Flight Ticket Consolidator Gives:

Wholesale Airline Tickets for Travel Agents-

The prices of international air tickets are largely regulated by International Air Transport Association (IATA). IATA prohibits flight companies to sell their tickets at discounted prices. As a result, they cannot sell all the air tickets of their carriers. To sell the full, airlines give the bulk quantity of tickets to consolidators at a discounted price, which is not prohibited by IATA. As a full-fledged airline consolidator, Buy Air Ticket Ltd. provides wholesale airline tickets for travel agents with less profit margin. The company can offer the cheapest price as it sells in bulk quantity. Such wholesale price is ideal for travel agents.

Flight Booking Portal for Travel Agents-

Buy Air Ticket Ltd. (BATL) is the consolidator that provides a modern and user-friendly online booking engine to travel agents. This user-friendly online portal is so easy to use that saves lots of time and requires no training. The agents can deal with all GDSs with less effort. BATL gives B2b Flight Booking Portal ID which enables them to issue tickets with more personalized features. Our sub-agents generate more sales with the company’s advanced technology integrated web portal. What BATL offers to the sub-agents on the web portal are

▪️ Lucrative commission on sales.

▪️ Configure credit limit and deposit.

▪️ Distribute white levels.

▪️ Dynamic price caching.

▪️ Manage multiple offices.

▪️ Advanced reports.

▪️ Multiple GDS and API integrated portals.

▪️ Online payment gateways.

One-stop-shop Facility for Travel Agents-

Buy Air Ticket Ltd. does not only allows travel agents to resell air tickets but also to resell other travel services, like tour packages, hotel reservations, visa processing, travel insurance, cruise gateways, and so on. BATL offers amazing discounts to sub-agents for its services. They get:

➡️ Up to a 7% discount on all domestic and international air ticket booking.

➡️ A 10% discount on all local and international hotel reservations.

➡️ A 10% discount on visa processing for all the countries in the world.

➡️ A 10% discount on worldwide travel insurance booking.

➡️ Up to a 15% discount on international tour packages.

➡️ 5% to 15% discount on Hajj and Umrah packages, and many more discounted services!

 Credit Facility for Travel Agents-

 BATL gives a credit facility to travel agents as a flight consolidator. It gives travel agents a 70% credit facility against security checks. The company takes security a check to facilitate the sub-agents with the BSP credit facility. The BSP dues can be paid twice a month except for some exceptions. For example, let's assume that a sub-agent deposits a security check worth BDT 1000000/- to BATL. The agent will get a BSP credit facility worth BDT 700000/-. The agent can pay the credit amount twice a month which is a great opportunity for the sub-agents. They can sell tickets with zero investment with us!

Cheap Flight Booking-

 As BATL is a flight consolidator, it can offer cheap flights to the resellers. It also sells retail air tickets to the customers at the cheapest price in the industry. The company gives up to a 7% discount on air ticket booking. This commission-based air ticket booking is applicable for all the airline routes in the world. Occasionally, the company offers special fares for some specific airlines. On those special offers, the sub-agents can make more profit as they buy ait tickets at unimaginable discounted prices and resell them at published airfares (prices on the portal). BATL most often announces special fares on SpiceJet, NOVOAIR, Air Asia, IndiGo, Air Arabia, Jazeera, Maldivian, SalamAir, Flydubai, Biman Bangladesh, Etihad, Gulf Air, Tahi Airways, Turkish Airlines, Vistara Airlines. Kuwait Airways, Emirates, Qatar Airways, China Southern, Srilankan Airlines, Malindo Air, and many more. The sub-agents can make more profit with those special offers.

Access to Major GDSs-

 As Buy Air Ticket Ltd. (BATL) is a wholesaler, the company has contracts with all major Global Distribution Systems (GDSs). As a result, the travel agents can reach multiple GDSs through the company’s web portal. Furthermore, it gives all major GDSs access to travel agents by giving individual IDs to them. The major individual GDS IDs it provides are Travelport, Sabre, Amadeus, etc. This facility is mainly beneficial for small travel agencies that cannot afford those GDSs. Partnership with BATL enables the agencies to get access to both published and private airfares. Thus they can resell the best deals. They don’t even have to pay for the GDSs’ services.

 Sale Without Accreditation-

 Partnership with BATL enables small agents, who don’t have affiliation with IATA, IATAN, or ARC, to issue tickets from the airlines. The travel agents can work as sub-agents of BATL and use their individual GDS IDs to resell air tickets from the IDs even without being a member of the Association of Travel Agents of Bangladesh (ATAB). They can resell air tickets from the company with a good profit margin. The only license they need to start their business is a trade license. In fact, this is the mandatory certification for all businesses that exist. No business can run in Bangladesh without this certification. The agents don’t need any travel-related certification and accreditation if they work in partnership with BATL.

 Airline Expertise-

 The personnel of BATL are directly involved in Tourism Industry for five decades. They possess expertise in this sector. They know well which airlines offer great experiences. As a result, the company offers the best deals, destinations, airlines, and thus saves sub-agents’ time and money. BATL also provides training for newbies in the industry and advises them to run their business effectively. Such facilities help new travel agencies tremendously. These are the reason why the company has a strong sub-agent base.

Frequent-flyer Miles-

Airlines offer frequent-flyer miles (milage rewards offered to regular travelers by airlines to make them interested to travel on the same airline repeatedly). As Buy Air Ticket Ltd. has contracts with airlines, it can also offer frequent-flyer miles to the customers and the sub-agents to resell its tickets. However, the company doesn’t provide frequent-flyer miles for bulk sales because it sells bulk with the least profit margin.

Online Payment Facilities-

BATL has partnered with all the major financial institutions for ensuring a wide variety of payment gateways. The company accepts bank transfers, card payments, mobile payments. It accepts mobile payments on Bkash, Rocket, Upay, etc. The cards it accepts are VISA Card, Master Card, AMEX Card, Nexus Card, and many more! Both debit and credit cards are accepted. Customers can take the opportunity of EMI payments for up to a 36-month tenor which relieves financial strains of the lower-income groups. Check out further details of the EMI facility of the company.

Expanded Online Presence-

The company has an expanded online presence. It has an advanced technology web portal that integrates all Major GDSs and airlines’ APIs. Furthermore, the company has a huge number of fans and followers on social media platforms. It announces all its marketing promotions and special offers on those platforms. A good number of customers and sub-agents get updated on the ongoing offers and special fares on those platforms. You are also recommended to follow the company’s social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube.

 24/7 Customer Support-

 This airline consolidator provides 24/7 customer support for the convenience of its customers and sub-agents. It ensures 100% customer satisfaction of clients. The queries of the clients are dealt with sincerity by the employees of the company. Customer satisfaction is reflected in the company’s social media pages and on other virtual platforms. Most people recommend the company to others for buying air tickets and other travel services. It gets such recommendations because of its high-quality services. These attributes made the company the best airline consolidator for travel agents.